China Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF) is the largest timepiece and jewelry exhibition in Chinese mainland, and the third largest fair following after Basel World and Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. CWCF, starting in 1988, has consecutively hosted 26 sessions of fairs, and is well known for its abundant and complete homological products, as well as professional and internationalized organization.

Since 2010, China Horologe Association and Shenzhen Watch Association has reached a consensus, to unite CWCF (Beijing) and CWCF (Shenzhen), thus building a platform of professional large timepiece exhibition and international fashionable watch transaction by fully integrating overseas resources. As one of the most important international meetings of horologe procurement, CWCF was honored as “the first watch fair of China” with wide product variety, professional, internationalized, branding and fashion-oriented organization. It is also the portal through which foreign watch brands enter Chinese market, the best platform for horological communication, negotiation and display, the window for international authorized bands, as well as the annual meeting and weathervane of China horologe industry.

CWCF (Shenzhen) has passed UFI Certification in 2004, becoming the only professional large watch fair recognized by UFI in Chinese horologe industry.



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