Cultural Activity

Time Valley Watchaward

Taking advantage of the systematic and ongoing evaluation, Time Valley Watchaward can prompt watch & clock enterprise to develop the market segments, accurate positioning and in-depth research, and rethink the brand strategy. It is held to promote enterprise through "Design + Innovation" to has a direction and destination for the horologe industry to achieve the goal of the Brand Development Strategy.

1、Product Design R & D

12018 Innovative Wristwatch TOP3

22018 Lady Wristwatch TOP3

32018 Sport Wristwatch TOP3

42018 Brand Conceptual Design Wristwatch TOP3

2、Brand Display

5)2018 Creative Print Advertisements TOP3

6)2018 The Best Special Booth Award

3、 Professional Person

7)The Best Watch & Clock Designer

4、 Public Voting

8) Award for The Most Loved by the Public


9)2018 Jury Special Award

10)2018 Designer Special Recommended

11)2018 Outstanding Work Award

122018The Excellent Watch & Clock Designer